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We are qualified teachers who have taught in the language centre in the University of Mexico;in Tokyo in J.O.C.V an organisation under the authority of the Japanese Foreign Ministry; in a centre under the authority Sophia University and at the French/Japanese institute in Tokyo.On returning to France we started our school in 1978 and since then we have taken private students as well as continuing our work for companies(YAMAHA,SUMITOMO,JICA,e.t.c)

"Dans tous les cas, les cours sont personnalisés"

We use the CREDIF method in our courses. This is a method developed by the National School of Saint Cloud and recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Sinple phrases corresponding to simple images create progress in easy steps leading to proficiency in the language. With more advanced students we use radio, children's books and newspapers. In every case, the courses are tailored to the individual.

Meals taken with the teachers are an opportunity to put into practice all that has been learnt in the lesson, it gives students great pleasure to find that they are able to express themselves in a new language after only few hours of lessons.

Each course runs from Monday to Friday. There are 4 hours of lessons each day from 9a.m-11a.m and from 2p.m to 4p.m with a break to relax but always in French!

We also take our students on visits in the region. As soon as the students are able to express themselves we replace some afternoon lessons with trips to places of interest. The medieval villages of tourtour and les arc or natural beauty  the gorges of Verdon.The region is so rich in history architecture and beautiful country that we are spoilt for choice.

If you live locally, you can choose the dates and times of your lessons at a cost of 23euros an hour.

Formula    full board

- courses (4 h/day)
- Lodging
- Meals
- Swiming pool

900 Euros

For any other tarifs please contact us

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